About CamsTraffic

Are you different from the other cam sponsors?

CamsTraffic Program is a powerful money-making machine for webmasters to increase their income without having to worry if the surfer will end up buying credit or not on cam sites!

Are you professional?

We have been in the adult industry for over 8 years, working with dosens of cam affiliate programs during that time. We know the challenges you are faced with like inflexible export tools, bad conversions, etc. - we have seen it all. CamsTraffic is a PPC (pay per click) program that offers powerful export tools so you can get the content you want for your sites to send traffic to our video pages. You get paid for the traffic you send to our video/cams pages, without having to hope for the surfer to convert into a paying member. With our tiered program, you get higher payouts per 1,000 unique visitors! The amount you can earn is unlimited. Repetitive high bounce rates and low user activity get your sites removed from our cam traffic system.

Sounds good! When can I start?

You can start by registering right now. In about 5 minutes you can start earning money.

Are you active in Social Media?

Yes, you can follow us on TWITTER and on our FACEBOOK page.